Spring is coming


Early signs of Spring are starting in my yard. This morning in my front yard, I have daffodils starting to pop up. 

I have little shoots just beginning to show themselves in my planter boxes. 

My tomato plant never died out - and there are still some green tomatoes - but they are not very tasty. The texture is off. But my husband will still eat them. He's like Mikey. He'll eat anything. 

Nasturtium WATCH


  1. Oh my gosh that's so funny, "He's like Mikey he'll eat anything"....LOL!. I cracked up... The daffodils are SO pretty.. it's really cold here in my part of SC by the coast and with these hot flashes I can't say I"m sorry about it..LOL

  2. Lovely yellow flower and your garden is so nice and your hard work is showing your effort. Thanks toys for boys


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