Seems I couldn't be a minimalist even if I tried. The last few years I have been ruthless in getting rid of things. NOW I received stuff that belonged to my sister (she died in 2015)  and with her only child now deceased (she died in 2020) I was the next to receive all of these things. Going through them has been heartbreaking but I tried to tackle it with a stiff upper lip. 

I'm keeping this beautiful display bookcase she got in Mexico. I love Mexcian pine furniture! Very California. I was cleaning out my china cabinet - this is not how it will stay. I haven't decided yet what I will put in there. 

The three teapots on the upper shelf and the Willow Tree couple, I gave to my daughter-in-love. 

Very cute but I don't have grandkids and honestly, I don't have any place to put it. So it went to Sara, who collects teapots. I did keep one teapot she bought when she was in London. That was a keeper. 

Front and back

I don't know if people actually use these teapots. I'm practical. 

Or if they are just for display. 

The cute couple - my son and his wife just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. So this was a given. 

That's Ed on the bed for their guest room

There also was a bed - that was an antique back in the mid-'60s when I turned it down and my sister got it. That was a big mistake on my part but I was going through my little "hippie" BoHo stage. IT used to have 2 dressers but I guess through the years they were tossed. Also came with 2 antique mirrors that my DIL doesn't want. 

I have knickknacks that belonged to my mom, my grandma, and her mother. Photos, old letters, just stuff. Needless to say, I am terribly overwhelmed. 


  1. I seem to have inherited lots from my parents. I have kept the pictures and scanned them onto the computer, and kept a few things that had special memories. I gave some to each of the boys and the rest were finally donated. It took me a long time to get that far.

    God bless.

    1. Yes it takes a lot of thought. Still hard, though.

  2. Hello Debby, thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog post about our second vaccine shot. I appreciated letting others know about our experience and look forward to reading about their own. I can understand the difficulties of downsizing as we have been through it several times and it is still ovoing. That cabinet is a beauty too. Please feel free to stop in for a blog visit anytime and I will do the same. FYI, my husband is also a Navy veteran.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, we love the Navy. My youngest son is also a Navy veteran. Served 6 years on 1 ship - the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

  3. I understand about the downsizing and trying to sort others things. We had to do this with my grandma. It is not easy. Sending hugs! Carla

  4. I have the Beatrix Potter child's dinner set. And I too have lots that I've collected over the years, including tea pots. Hopefully the grandkids may want them. They look at them now as curiosities cause their parents have nothing resembling any of my stuff.


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