The "green" around my house

So what's going on at your house? 
Do you go all out and decorate - complete with lights and all? 

The "green" is all around in nature - 
My dusty millers are such a pretty soft green. 

Looks like I have white Iris popping up that I never knew I had. 
Last year I had the rootbeer-colored ones.
 I wonder how many new ones I have? 

This was my mother's bell. 
She used to collect bells from all over. 
I donated most of them but this one I really liked. 

Although not an Irish teacup - this was my sister's. 
She bought it in Spain. 

These shamrocks or Oxalis were given to us about 6 years ago from my 
Father-in-law. My cat started munching on them, so my husband just planted them in our front yard and they have flourished ever since. 

They are especially meaningful this year as we lost him in Dec 2020. He was 94. 

Happy St Patrick's Day


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