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Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day and today is drab. But this is it for a while - looks like the storm door is closing to kindly allow us all to dry up. 

The husband decided to pick up some more hours at his part-time job to help pay for the new back fence. So he's working Thursday and Friday, 8-4 until further notice. That way, we won't get caught off guard financially when the back neighbor wants to build. I still believe with the cost of wood, we should wait but they are young and want what they want now.  When it comes to this, my husband is much nicer than I am. I'm just practical. The bracing on both sides is holding it up - it's more for aesthetics than anything. 

Shhh, don't tell anyone that I sneak over to my ex-brother-in-law's Instagram page to take a peek at my niece and nephew from time to time.  (His grandchildren) Here they are in December visiting their mother's grave. They have really grown in 2 years! 

We finally received our California Stimulus card yesterday. Funny because everyone I knew had received theirs 2-3 months ago. I was just starting to call them to find out where ours was, and then it came. This will go toward making 3 car payments. We're almost paid off. 

With my husband gone during the daytime, I will have 2 days a week for myself. Since he has retired, I crave these days alone; to be able to get things done. Last Friday I was able to get so much done. I have a few things on my, To-Do List that needs doing. 

Tonight the husband will make pizza - we usually do pizza on Fridays, but with him working now on Fridays I didn't want to ask him to make pizza. He's the resident pizza guy. We'll also watch Father Goose with Cary Grant on Amazon Prime. 

I guess we're on a Cary Grant roll...

A couple of evenings ago, we watched Operation Petticoat which I hadn't seen since I was a kid, so it was practically like seeing it for the first time. 

You can see this FREE on Youtube. This would be a good Valentine's movie! 

I've rambled on, long enough. Have a warm and cozy evening. 


  1. I have seen both of these movies, but decades ago!

    1. Yes same here. It was like watching them for the first time.

  2. Dearest Debby,
    Guess you meant really your great–niece and great–nephew...
    Smart idea for working on a financial safety net for that fence work.
    Making pizza sounds like a fun task and a good meal to enjoy.
    We seldom watch any movies... We did watch Homeward Bound last week. That was one of the great videos I'd given to Mom & Dad for viewing with the grands on their multi–system VCR and TV that we'd gifted them. It was a long time since I viewed that and same for Pieter. We enjoyed it so much. Those two dogs and one kitty were great actors! Makes your heart melt.

    1. Yes technically they are my grand niece and nephew but I prefer to shorten it.

    2. Debby, you try to draw them one generation closer to you... That's okay! 🤗

  3. I have seen Operation Petticoat, but not the other. I will need to see if our Canadian Prime has it on offer.

    Glad that the rain is letting up a bit for you.

    God bless.

  4. I simply love the older movies! Good luck with the fence. I still think it is kind of rotten those young folks are wanting it changed. Janice

    1. Yeah I do too - but it's not worth making enemies.

  5. I need some days alone too. My hubby is going to retire in June and that's going to be one of the challenges.
    Glad you get to see pictures of the kids occasionally.

  6. I'm glad your bad weather seems to be finally dying out and you can get back to some kind of normal. I must have missed the story about the neighbors and the fence. I guess I need to go back and read what I've missed. I've been so in and out lately that I am missing a lot. I didn't know about the sweet little niece and nephew (grands) who lost their mother either. How very sad. They are so young. (((hugs))) I do understand about the time "alone"...which, once both are retired it is very difficult to have...and I do need some now and then. But then when he's away for any length of time I wonder how on earth I could ever survive living alone. I pray I don't have to find out. I love old Cary Grant movies. I know I've seen both of those many years ago, but wouldn't mind seeing them again as I can't remember anything about them now. LOL. I hope you had a good pizza last night. Now I want some.
    Have a great day!!


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