A Monday Morning

Currently, it is snowing here in sunny California. 

Big-sized flakes are dropping from the heavens like manna. 

Friday, Foodie took me to lunch in town. 

We had a lovely time eating and laughing. 

Afterward, we drove to Wiskeytown Lake. 

Saturday we visited with Navy and his wife - 

Sara made us a batch of chicken enchiladas to take home - enough for 2 meals. 

Sunday, went to church - realized we missed a documentary we wanted to see, but we failed to update our calendar and missed it. 

Came home and took a nap. 

This afternoon I will make the dough and the filling for my apricot Hamatashen. The dough needs to rest a day before baking. 

Wish I could share some with you all. They are very tasty, especially with a cup of coffee in the morning. 

I'll bring a plate over for Margie to enjoy, tomorrow afternoon. 

Tomorrow at 2pm, Susie gets her nails clipped and gets to see her Doctor just for a check-up and shots. This silly cat loves to go to the vet - she walks all around the small veterinarian room checking things out - even sits on the computer keyboard. 

I just looked out the window and it has stopped snowing. 

Bummer. I was getting all psyched up for a snow day. 

Have a good one everyone!



  1. Tuesday here with a very warm wind blowing through the house, so I closed the back sliding door which helped a tad.

  2. Yummy that looks delicious.
    Susie is such a pretty cat.

  3. I almost wish we could have a snow day here, but of course that is very silly wishful thinking. But it was 85 degrees here already and very dry. We need rain...even snow would help! LOL. Those apricot things really look good. Wish you could send us some! And your kitty is so pretty. I bet she is a charmer!! I hope you have a really great rest of your week.

  4. It's snowing here again too. I'm ready to be done with snow days! :)
    I've never heard of Hamatashen but it sure looks good!

  5. You can have our snow. It snowed again today here in Michigan. Your landscape is so beautiful! Janice

  6. So glad you got some more snow. We are getting quite a bit here - last week, over the weekend, and now this week. Your photos of the lake are so pretty. Have never been to this lake. Your apricot dessert looks scrumptious. That's good of you to take a batch to your friend, Margie. Susie has the prettiest eyes. Sounds like it was a lovely day with your son, just talking and laughing and spending time together. Those are the best days. Here's to more snow coming your way!


  7. OH IT IS GORGEOUS where you live.
    I have seen those apricot Hamatashens before. They are beautiful.
    Talented woman.

  8. It has snowed in various areas in Oregon, even Astoria which is by the Columbia river and Washington on Saturday. Weather in our area is a bit warmer now and a wee bit of wind. I did look up what Hamatashen is. Jewish food and it looks delicious! Have a good week and stay warm and blessed

    1. Yes, Hamatashen is a cookie that is traditionally served on Purim. Little "Haman hats" is what they represent and they are yummy.

  9. And, here I was so happy that it's turning spring here!

    1. You can still be happy - around here, most of us are really enjoying it.


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