March - coming in like a lamb

Good Morning. 
Happy March 1. 

I love March. It's my birthday month. I don't know why, since I know it's coming, but I always get caught off guard. Maybe because February is so short and then BOOM, it's March. 

So today March is coming in like a lamb - clear cold skies of blue.  The snow on the mountains is breathtaking. 

Blossoms are still on the almond tree. I'm still not sure about it.
The fig tree looks fine - hasn't budded out yet. Time will tell. 

With a bit of crunchy ice in my yard, I will look at what plants made it through the coldest winter I have ever experienced. 

My succulents were covered in snow - looks like they made it. 

The rosemary bushes made it and have bloomed - 

even the marguerite daisies seem to be fine. 

I do have some brown and dead parts of some plants I will need to cut off, but they are telling us to not do it just yet - we have more cold/freezing temps and snow coming. 

The California poppies are doing fine - they were all smashed down and smothered by the heavy snow but have bouched back. 

Still blooming - 

The rose I thought might not make it - is looking awfully pretty as it opens up more for the sun. 

Here it was on Thursday - 

Today I will pay all my bills - doing laundry. Take a walk. The husband did our taxes 2 weeks ago and we received no federal refund but did get back a small state refund from the state of California which has already been deposited. 

I'm always glad when that task is behind us. Now it's property tax time.

I'm hoping to make enchiladas today - 

I am dragging my feet on decorating 

this little free church library box, my husband built. 

 I'm just not in the mood. 

Hopefully, in the next 2 days, when my husband goes to his part-time job, 

I will be able to "get in the mood." 

I'm done here - and best be getting my day going. 

Hoping your day will be filled with the anticipation and excitement a new month brings. 




  1. March has arrived in a rush tripping over February to get here and I wonder why maybe it is because Tim has his surgery on his arm this month. I hope March is a good month and is well behaved

    1. March can seem never ending - with 31 days!

  2. Hard to believe it is March already. Came in like a lamb here today. Afternoon made it to 60 degrees. Crazy!!!
    Good that your blooms are still blooming.
    I'm sure once you get in the mood the church library box will look terrific.

  3. Spring has sprung in Texas too! Louis Dean and I got out and put some plants we had in containers IN the ground this afternoon! I got down the spring and Easter 'debris' and hope to spend the next week and a half cleaning and decorating before we go back to the ranch!!

  4. It came in like a lamb here in GA too. So you are a master gardener. I think it looks like all will be okay from that snow.
    You will have to take a picture when you get the church box done.

    1. hardly a master gardener. I try, I fail and I try again. I just enjoy the process

  5. Happy March (and birthday month). Our March has come in like a lamb too, which worries me, as who knows what the end of the month will be like. For certain, we're having normal temps at the moment in the minus Celsius low single digits (mid teens in Fahrenheit). No snow in the forecast either, at least not yet.
    Love the flowers and I do hope everything makes it through this weather for you.

    1. Apparently we have more rain starting this weekend, and cold temps. Usually I start planting in March but not this year. Looks like mother nature is calling the shots this year!


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