Back Yard Happenings...


This was Saturday - our first water lily of 2023. 

And this morning, our second one! 

The grape vines are doing well - with many baby grapes 

My pink Oleanders are in full regalia -

They LOVE the HOT dry heat. 

On Saturday we came home to this. 

Our back neighbor had taken down a section of the fence. He told us, he would have it back up and done - it was his first time ever - working on a fence so I'd say he got a little ahead of himself. My husband and the neighbor finished yesterday. 

I am pleased that he came down from wanting a brand new fence to just replacing the fence posts - and I love that he kept the fence boards and even the screws! Now that is being frugal as well as being a good steward. 

The little chair I made last year out of an end table looks a little worn out but I have not given up on it. I shall FIX it, or repurpose it. It is not done yet! 

A few years back I bought this little electric heater at a garage sale for $20. It finally bit the dust but if you know me, I don't throw things out if I can help it. 

So I cut the cord off - and will use it as a garden accent. The old cast iron teapot belonged to my dad - on his pot-bellied stove. 

This hung on the section of the fence that we replaced - so this lantern was taken down temporarily. Once again, it belonged to my dad - and has hung exactly where he placed it some 25 years ago. 

Finally, today we ordered some rocks to be delivered for my little yard area. We saved over half - in price and got more and that includes delivery by going to a landscaper place, rather than buying it from bags from home depot. We got double the amount and still paid less. 

Well, that is it for me - I need to cook our dinner. 

Hope you have a great evening. 



  1. The little heater makes wonderful yard art! Water lilies have always fascinated me! Do they have roots? Do you have your own pond? The Oleander is GORGEOUS!!! I have never seen any before. I associate the word with the deep south. I bet it smells wonderful!

    1. Oleanders are originally from the middle east - and thrive in a Mediterranean climate which we have here in Northern California. They grow like weeds here and are often called "freeway flowers". They are drought resistant.

      Yes we have a small pond my Dad made and we have lovingly kept up. It's becoming quite the eco-system for frogs and fish and bugs

  2. The water lilies and oleander flowers are lovely. I'm glad your neighbor got his new fence done. My husband and daughter did some cutting of ivy on big tree in our back lawn a couple weeks ago. She let our back fence neighbors know that the ones on their side of fence would die soon. Some of it went into their lawn due length from our area. D appreciated the update information.

    1. I have no ivy here - I had my share of it when I lived in the bay area.

  3. The water lilies are so pretty.
    Great idea to use the old heater in the garden.

  4. While driving through our marsh today I noticed the lily pads popping up for the year. We have white and yellow ones. Love your cute chair! Janice

    1. Yeah they are popping up all over the place in ponds

  5. That tea pot and lantern that belonged to your dad is so special. I love the old copper tea pots. Jess recently bought me one for my kitchen. I like how you use items around your house and put them in your garden area, very creative. That heater is really neat too. I'm glad to hear the neighbors and your husband are working together on the fencing. There's always so much work to do outside, and I've been out there raking and cleaning. Getting a landscaper here next week for the big stuff, and then after that, I'll do the upkeep. Have a pleasant rest of the week, Debby.