2 more weeks of this challenge

Is it February yet?  Usually, in January,  I go through a post-holiday type depression. Not this year!  Instead I have had to stay on my toes and make sure we did not go overboard on our military pension, since that is all we received for this month. Sure missed being paid and we feel a little left out, not complaining about how high the payroll taxes are.  I just might make this a new-year-January tradition.  It's sure a good time to do this, after the gluttony of the holidays.

My cheap recipes the last couple of days has been just simple cooking. Nothing new really. I am starting to hit a wall - I'm starting to crave things - I do miss miss some convenient meals - they stretch the wee. I'm also craving to just go out and eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. 

 *Fried chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, pan-fried chicken gravy, mixed frozen veggies

*Meatloaf, crisscross baked potatoes, broccoli and cheese,

*Mixed-bean soup with spinach, Parmesan cheese and garlic bread

*frozen Costco meatballs, frozen mixed veggies w/ mini-bow tie pasta from Schwans

*frozen chicken tenders, green beans and boxed stuffing mix with cream of chicken soup and Parmesan cheese.

*Beef Tacos and Mexican Rice-a-Roni - I fried up my own Taco shells using corn tortillas.

And I made some brownies! As a San Francisco gal, I love Ghiradelli and I love this particular brownie mix.

I'm in the final stretch...


  1. I wish I felt well enough to cook like that!! I just finally snapped out of this illness long enough last night to make some Oyster Chowder. xoxoxo!!!


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