Things to do for 2018

I've always wanted this - I'm getting it this year

This has to be my last year of heavy-duty improvements and home repair. If I weren't so easily distracted, It could be done by Thanksgiving (with a little help) I'll just be happy if by this time next year, most of the big things on the list are crossed off and all that is left is just fluff.


Downsize and reorganize the house
paint the trim on the house/front door
landscape both yards
start a vegetable garden

Paint hall bathroom
paint bathroom cabinets
Paint master bathroom
Paint master bathroom cabinets
install a new floor in bathroom

install flooring in the office
install flooring in the back bedroom

finish decorating the bedroom
new ceiling fan for master bedroom

The last really BIG project will be a new farm sink and wood counters in the kitchen. I want this done before Thanksgiving. I am DONE with the yucky sink and countertops I have now.


New Carpet for Living room and master bedroom.
ORGANIZE the house. (storage etc)
Paint house trim and front door
Landscape front and back yards
redo our covered back patio. 
extend the front patio
Plant a small vegetable garden in containers
Hanging plants
More bird feeders 
a new hot water heater -
new screen door


paint master bathroom and install floor
paint hall bath paint cabinets in both bathrooms
change fixtures 
new ceiling fan in master bedroom
my husband needs to finish the hallway


  1. I used to have lists like that before I retired. Now, I am pretty well sit until the next 'are you kidding me' event in my home. Most likely the water heater which I plan to replace in the spring - just in case.

    1. Once my husband retires, that is probably how it will be for us, too. But we are trying to repair and improve things so we won't have too many surprises down the line.

  2. Ohhhh, that counter top and sink are worth waiting for! I love lists and especially when I can cross things off. This post is a great idea!

    1. The lists work for me. If I don't have a list then I am all over the place, not getting anything done. I go off the list occasionally and when I do, it puts my projects back. I need to stay on the "list."

    2. Haha! Do you every put something on the list you've already done just do you can cross it off? If so, we are of like minds.

  3. Organizing and downsizing seem to be ongoing here.

    In reading your responses above I see that you are doing the same thing we did before your husband retires. Harvey always finds another big project to do since he retired. Keeps him busy and makes my life much easier.

    God bless.

    1. As long as we have breath in us, we'll continue to do big projects...They're kinda fun and I hear, they keep you young. :-)

  4. All the best for ticking off those items on your to-do list. I am on a big-time downsizing spree too. Feels so therapeutic once you reduce the things in the house. And that counter is great!


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