Tuesday Four (First time)

I came across this, from Tuesdays Place and thought, "why not?" 

1. Do you like the way your home is decorated or 
would you tweak things a bit if budget allowed? 

I'm content. But sure, if I had a bigger budget I might be compelled to do a few more things - mainly pay to have someone do the things, we are having trouble doing.

 2.. Do you have any plans/dreams to change anything about your home ? 

Yes mostly in the gardens. There is always fun work to be done in the garden. New plants to fill in bare spots; These last few days I have started thinking of painting the white walls in my home, to be more colorful and bright. Don't know if I will - I always shave a hard time, making a decision.

 3. What style of furniture do you have or want to have in your home and why? 

I'm eclectic in style. I've inherited most of my furniture throughout the years and believe another person's junk could be my treasures. Thus, the "eclectic" furnishings. Honestly, if I like something, I'll make it work! That's my style.

I do love the southwest style but only if I lived in the southwest.

 4. Tell us about your ideal dream house or dream kitchen if you prefer.

I believe I am beginning to have my dream kitchen. A couple years ago, we put in a garden window over the sink. We replaced the sink, with a big white farm style sink with no dividers. I don't like 2 sinks. I applied beadboard paintable wallpaper to my cabinets and painted them, a seafoam green. My husband last year, installed wood countertops, although he stained them a bit darker than I wanted, I still love it.

I don't need fancy appliances because I am kinda old fashioned that way. I was born in the 1950s and like that old-style kitchen. I wanted my kitchen to be different than the others in my neighborhood. It's not for everyone - it is for me and my husband and we enjoy it.


  1. I have my Grandparents bedroom furniture and it is beautiful! It all matches. I love a good piece of furniture. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


  2. My home needs a make over but we ccan't afford it

  3. I certainly agree with having someone else do the work...we have been there and done that and in our 70s are all done with that kind of work but I see kitchens I like and if I could afford that it would be something I'd do in a minute.

  4. So glad you joined in! A garden window in the kitchen is wonderful! Enjoy it in good health!

    1. The window belongs to the cat in our family. It's "her place" to eat and watch the birds.


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