Sunflower Heaven


The Tall sunflowers are starting to bloom. Because they are so tall - about 7-8 feet, they bloom toward the sun, not necessarily facing me. In fact, most of them look like they will be facing south; that's understandable, but...

"come on guys, face me."  

Same sunflower seeds - these guys decided they wanted to grow shorter and stockier. You can see where some have turned their backs to me. 

"Hey dudes and dudettes, don't forget who planted you."

What can I say? I am in Sunflower Heaven and more are coming. 

The marigolds have been growing nicely. They had a rough start a month or so ago - I lost most of them due to the high heat. The little flecks of ash you see on the leaves are from some fires south of us.  We're safe - just the way the wind and breeze have been blowing upwards our way. We have ash everywhere. 


  1. I love your pretty sunflowers. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your sunflowers are lovely. So bright and cheerful. I love marigolds and I'm happy to hear they are doing well for you now. I'm sorry to hear about the fires in part of the world, glad you are safe.

  3. I absolutely LOVE sunflowers.. They are my FAVORITE flower. I'd like to plant some next year but I need to spend some time this winter learning all about them because for as much as I love them I haven't the first clue about growing them. Yours are BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. First some sort of insect started eating my sunflower plant and then I caught a squirrel, standing up, devouring it and after I chased him away once, he apparently came back and ran off with all my open sun flower blooms!!! You mentioned when you visited that our townhouse looks huge...It is only about 1300 square feet and that includes the patio we made into our Den..It is big enough for me though!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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