My yard; My happy place

The morning glories I planted late are blooming. 

I've read where they are annuals in other parts of the country. 

Here they survive unless we get rare snow and even then, it just kills off the foliage. 

They start back up once the temps get warmer. 

There is still so much to be done n the yards and the air is back to being healthy. 

I sat in the sun and loved every minute of it as it warmed my face. It has been a long time. We had extreme heat and then the fires, bad smoke, and unhealthy air. 

Today we have a slight breeze; nothing major. Just enough to make that nice sound of leaves rustling among the tall trees; letting us know that soon, the leaves will turn and fall as they are supposed to. They haven't changed colors yet. We need a couple of really cold nights - the leaves are dry just need that cold snap to give them notice to change. 


See the 2 bees? 

I still have about a dozen sunflowers and a few more to bloom. 

I am so glad I planted these later so I could have a Fall bloom. 

The Marguerite daisies are starting to bloom again. 

They have 2 blooming cycles. Spring/early summer and Fall into early winter. 

My California poppies bloom twice a year too. Just like daisies. 

Did some cutting and harvesting the head - 

Placed some around the yard for the birds - 

Some of the stems, were too hard for me to pull up - 

I pulled up what I could and cut them to size to fit in the refuse can. 

They resemble bamboo. 


  1. Very pretty . Nearly all the flowers in my yard have been cut back for winter. I do have one rose still blooming .

    1. Thanks. I'm pleased. Next year will be better!


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