My morning walk

Woke up to a cold but sunny day and NO WIND! Decided I would take my morning walk...I walked over across the main street to this pond area, booming with all types of fowl. 

I came across this guy - standing on the path and he wouldn't move. 

I was able to get close to him. 

Finally, he left...skimming the pond water as he flew off. 

This is why Mr. Mallard wouldn't move - She was near him to the side. 

This pond used to be part of a cattle ranch - years ago. 

Now they have built houses around it and for many years, this pond was dry due to the drought. 

There still is a working ranch across the pond. 

It was so quiet - except for the various sounds of bird life. 

Across the pond there was a huge flock of turkeys - I didn't get a chance to get their picture. We could sure hear them though. 

Nice view of Shasta Bally

Today's agenda:

I have my Tuesday meeting at noon. 

There is an item I want to purchase that I need to check out. 

And then the usual keeping up the house and the laundry. 

Right now my husband is outside working on the Library house 

which is going to look like a little church. 

Just getting ideas. 

He wants to keep it stocked with Christian books for the most part. We'll see - It should be interesting. 

We inherited so many books from Margie - we can keep it stocked quite well. 

We talked about the household projects that need to be done - maintenance stuff. 

  1. Paint the picket fence
  2. Paint the trim on the house
  3. paver patio in the front yard under the window 
  4. continue the paver patio in the back yard to slowly eliminate a good portion of the lawn. 
  5. The back fence where we now have a cash envelope we are putting money. 
That's just the outside. Not too bad. There is always something to do when you live in a house. Navy is finding that out as he has owned his home going on for 3 years. Last I heard, they had to put in a whole new sprinkler system. The city made them because they had a leak and one month they spent $300 in water due to a leak they could not find. That's home ownership! 

Have a great Day




  1. Looks like such a peaceful place for your walks. That free library is going to be sweet, and I like the idea of designing it like a church, and having Christian books inside to read. That's a great idea. Yes, there's always something to do when you own a house. That's one of the reasons why my sister sold her house, and now lives with her son. It was just getting too expensive for all the repairs. Those geese you saw on your walk are pretty, and I really miss seeing the turkeys in my old town. Don't see them here in the mountains. These are nice pictures at the pond, and I loved seeing Shasta Bally.


    1. We are fortunate where we live, we don't have to get into the car - to find nice walking places. Just out the front door.

  2. I am waiting for our Winter ducks to appear in the river. They usually follow the ice and we have had no ice yet in the river. With no ducks, the eagles dont come either. A beautiful view indeed! Make sure you keep us posted on your church free library. Janice

  3. I think that Harvey and I will need to sit down and discuss what needs to be done here as well. I know painting of the deck and a bit more landscaping needs doing outside. Inside we need to paint some walls, paint doors, and redo the floor in the dining room and kitchen.

    How nice that you get to walk near a pond and see all those water fowl.

    God bless.

  4. Dearest Debby,
    Wow, you were so lucky with the weather and even more so for no wind—perfect for walking!
    Lovely photos of the different water fowl.
    Our weekend has been busy with the husband of Pieter's youngest niece but we enjoyed having him so much!
    Sunday afternoon I made a real Italian Tiramisu from Mascarpone from Trader Joe's and some Italian lady fingers. It has to really set and is best next day—dusted generously with our Droste (Dutch) cocoa.
    Our guests loved it for coffee hour on Monday and that always feels rewarding. Even let them take the leftover home as I am not allowed to eat it. Did sample it though... And Pieter had a portion today.
    Today I went to see the dentist as I thought I had my first tooth ache but it seems to come from clenching my teeth at night, so much that the bottom molar was kind of lose... So with some parts being removed and then polished my bite was better he said. And he sent me to Walmart for a Bite Guard to warm in the microwave and then wear at night—we'll see how that works out!
    Did have my feet pedicured after that, felt good and I wore my open shoes but it is not yet the season for doing so...
    Tomorrow starts a new episode with my housekeeper! Yay, that will make a tremendous difference and I'm so very happy as I'm losing strength and struggled to do it all.
    Doing lots of laundry this week as I only managed the cleaning and the cooking last week...
    But like you mention, owning a home—there's always something and lots of 'costly' surprises.
    Our vinyl picket fence does not need painting but annual pressure washing.
    Pieter removed all the debris of tree trunks and branches that got stuk before our bridges with the very heavy rains and near flooding.
    Always something...
    Big hugs,

    1. I was just telling my husband I am craving Tiramisu. I've never made it before. I must put that on my list of things I want to make.

    2. I forgot to add, the vinyl fencing around here tend to warp due to the extreme dry heat in the summer. People have them, but they need to replace them a lot.

    3. Debby, wish I could have served you some of mine...! Gee, the heat affecting the vinyl fencing—we can't win from Mother Nature at times. Did email you my recipe + images

  5. Is this the actual library that her is building, or just what it will look like? The muntain photo is gorgeous!

  6. I love the idea of a Christian book library. The photos are so pretty - you live in a gorgeous area for sure. You are right that a house is a TON of work - we moved to an apartment 6 months ago because my husband has advance heart failure - but we all sure do miss our home. Bittersweet.

    1. Well we never know where our health will take us, after we age. I want to stay in this home till I die.

  7. Looks like a great walk and the pictures around the pond are beautiful.
    Lots of projects for you to get done. You're right there is always something to do!!

  8. Hi Debby, there is a library box in my neighborhood, stocked by a middle school teacher so most of the books are geared to preteens but I’ve always look in when I take walks. It’s a very nice addition to the neighborhood


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