Just a quiet Saturday

Finally got out in the backyard to do some yard work. It's a bit on the warm side today so we're inside now, chilling for the rest of the day. 

This is one of my freebies from the birds - I dug up and planted in this pot. 

I repotted a couple of plants and trimmed them up - until I ran out of potting soil. 

This one got a bit lopsided after the snow - so we need to make it right - possibly a bigger pot, too. We don't want it in the ground because the trunk is thick and we don't want our dog to get hurt on it. When it gets too big, I'll just donate it to the plant-lending place. Someone with a bigger yard than ours can enjoy it. 

My husband spent most of the day, weed-eating - just half of the yard - I saw he was getting fatigued in the heat of the afternoon. So I told him he has to stop. 

At least it is getting started. 

He told me yesterday that Monday he will give notice to his employer - that he is leaving for good.  Finally! They will miss him because he is loyal and never calls in sick or late. 

I don't know much about succulents - but I repotted them in this old roaster pan that belonged to my mom that started to get a little rusty inside. I saw this done on Pinterest and always wanted to do it. I read succulents like to be crowded so I need some more smaller plants. I have a smaller roaster pan that I will do the same with...eventually. 

I've been out and about looking for bigger pots and they are expensive now. So yes, I am scrounging around thrift stores and my own house, trying to come up with things I can use to grow plants in.

I wanted a small bird bath - so while at the thrift store, I came across this - The photo doesn't really show the hanging crystal-like thingys - I need to clean it so it sparkles. It used to be a candle holder. 

I found this big bowl - and it fits on top - perfectly but still needs to be glued down. I'll just place it among some plants growing in the ground for the birds. 

I want to splurge and get a new rose bush - in red. 

I am finding at the thrift stores, they are more expensive than they used to be. Both pieces were $5.50 each so $11.00 for the bird bath - and while a couple of years ago, it would have been a couple of dollars cheaper, it's still way less than at Home Depot or Lowes.  I should have bought it during the senior day which is Wednesdays but I was there and I got it. 

 I've convinced my husband, that if he comes across those lizards he is to "relocate them" to this big pond that is up the street. I figure they will be happier there and I will be happier. 

You know the old saying If Mama ain't happy, No one is happy." or the one my husband likes to say, "Happy Wife, Happy Life."

Well, tonight the husband will make his pizza which I think is just about the best. He doesn't cook - or is not that good of one but he has mastered pizza. He even knows how to toss the dough - and he always has on some Italian "mood music" when making pizza. He says that is his secret as to why it is so good. 

Alla Prossima! 

To the Next Time!



  1. You have lovely and healthy looking plants in your yard. And I love how you made your own bird bath, even with pretty crystals! Yes, I can see them! The Venus Fly Trap reminds me of The Addams Family too! I don't know what the braided plant was, but it was definitely some kind of succulent.

  2. I like to plant plants in unconventional things too. I put a couple in an old watering can yesterday.
    Isn't it great having a husband who makes pizza?! :)

  3. What a great find on the bird bath. I really like it.

  4. So many nice looking plants and I like that bird bath and oh yeah Venus Fly Trap plants make me think of the Addams Family as well

  5. I hope I can get some plants put into the ground soon especially the roses. It's hard for me to do that for now. I need to trim back roses as they need taken care of. I'm thankful that my daughter has watered the plants lately or they would most likely die. Warm day on Sunday with a bit of breeze 77 degrees. Hope your husband will enjoy no part time work. I miss working as I've not worked for days. I'm on medical leave for now.

  6. Weedeating is not an easy task. I just did my front lawn and was pooped after. Hard on the back too. I like how you find things at the thrift stores and fix them up. A red rose bush? Oh, I do hope you plant one sometime in your garden. The pizza sounds delicious, and putting on Italian music while making it is even better. My son-in-law makes the best pizza, and I couldn't stop eating it when I visited. I hope you haven't come across any more lizards lately. There was a big spider in my bathroom last night, eeeek.

    Have a pleasant week, Debby.



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